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Friends of Business Owners

Sandy and Betsey combine their thorough investment knowledge and experience to provide quality service to business owners who want to cut taxes, improve cash flow, invest personally for retirement, and implement or improve employee benefit plans. They also reveal the creative uses of life insurance, so that the coverage you choose may better reflect your business and personal needs and goals. 

Lessons for the future

When Sandy Venitt was seriously injured in a car accident in 1992, the Venitts began to refocus on the important things - not merely wealth accumulation and material pursuits, but the quality of life, love and friendship.

During Sandy's recuperation, certain lessons really hit home. The Venitts' interactions with doctors reinforced the value of building relationships with trusted advisors. Faced with many rehabilitative choices, they saw the value of consumer education in making the best choices. They understood the real value of insurance: their coverage gave them not only financial comfort, but emotional comfort. And reflectively, they saw the true value of what they provided to their clients - calm, critical thinking, an objective evaluation of events, and sound advice explaining what should be done.

Value for you

The Venitts address many different needs in their work, and their financial services include:

Investment Planning
Sandy and Betsey offer you fee-based asset management. Sandy's years of practical experience as a partner in a successful Broker-Dealer, his mentoring by a world-class trader and his academic training as a Chartered Financial Consultant (ChFC) have enabled the Venitts to carefully select and hire some of the top professional money managers in the financial services industry—to stay on top of the markets for you, and to plan the growth of your assets according to your appropriate investment style.

Employee Pension, 401(k) and Profit Sharing Plans
Defined benefit and defined contribution plans have specific advantages. The Venitts can help you pinpoint them, and create the plan that will bring you the best chance to accumulate wealth for retirement

Estate and Retirement Planning
The Venitts can show you how to transfer value, fund estate taxes, and take advantage of valuation discounts. Their financial planning and asset management can lay the groundwork for a finer retirement. 

Insurance Planning
Sandy and Betsey can help you make the right life, health and disability choices - to protect yourself and maintain your business or practice in the face of health issues, property losses or litigation. 

Succession Planning
The Venitts also plan ownership transfers and family succession, and assist owners in funding buy-sell agreements. 

Long Term Care Funding
Health insurance inadequately covers long term care, and funding LTC coverage is a good idea for most Americans. Sandy and Betsey can help you protect your net worth and business assets from the draining financial effects of caring for a long-term illness. 

Valued advisors

Sandy and Betsey work as a dynamic team, offering you practical wealth management to help your assets grow. They are advocates for your interests, bringing you hope and opportunity. They consider their jobs an honor, and make honesty, integrity and advocacy their leading priorities.